It all began with a calling to “plant.” I didn’t understand this until I made a decision to move back to Louisiana after 18 years in Arizona. I was searching for ways to connect in the Ministry and saw a need. That same day I created a group called the Louisiana Ministry Network with a mission to bring church leaders, nonprofit ministries and Christian based businesses together for the Glory of God. I was looking for a way that we could connect and share ideas. Following that idea, the Lord called me to “go bigger” and He would make the way. The National Minisitry Network was established as a nonprofit that same day. When God calls, you STEP! It’s incredible how God will move if you just have faith to put in the effort for his Glory. So, now we have NMN, what next? Seeing my favorite tee shirt, it hit me what the mission must be…SERVE.GIVE.SHARE.LOVE.

Let’s join together to…

SERVE those in need through outreach & mission programs rather on a local or national level.

GIVE to our nonprofit ministries through fundraising and donations so they can flourish for the greater good.

SHARE our ministry ideas (music, lessons, referrals, outreach programs, small group ideas, etc) and testimonies to inspire and motivate other leaders, as well as help build up starter churches and ministries.

LOVE. That’s what we’re all called to do. Love God, love people. The NMN is established to care for each other and be here to help in any way possible.



What is our “WHY?” All for the Glory of God!