Pastors and leaders all too often find themselves existing in a silo of ministry responsibilities. Practicing accountability will assist you in preventing the development of habits that are dangerous to your ministry and family. There are at least two levels of accountability that can be found through intentional networking. First, the beauty of networking with other pastors and leaders is that you are all connected through God’s call to share the Gospel and make disciples. As you strive toward this common goal together, there can develop some strong relationships which facilitate incredible conversation. To be able to bounce ideas off of an unbiased colleague, who has only the good of your ministry in mind, is invaluable, and in these conversations with trusted friends, we can be held accountable in focusing on and reaching our goals for the kingdom. Second, and most importantly, are the potential relationships that dive deeper than just programming and church practice, but delve into the realm of personal Christian disciplines. Without personal accountability to the most simple, yet most important disciplines of the faith, we are at risk of falling to countless temptations which can jeopardize the influence that we have been given.