April 26, 2018 Truth With Spirit 0

No one is perfect, except for God. We all make mistakes. We all sin. But man oh man God is so good because regardless of our past or of our ways now he gave his son to die for US! If he didn’t think he loved us enough he wouldn’t, but Jesus willingly died on this painful cross, he carried it for YOU. And get this Jesus KNEW you were a sinner, but gave his life for you. There can never be such a real love like that on this earth. Jesus is the definition of REAL LOVE. REAL LOVE that truly lasts forever.❤️

Reminder: Jesus forgave you, so will you choose to forgive and love those today ? Someone once this story and it’s funny but has opened my eyes SO wide every since:thank you to Brock Nelson!!!

So one guy #1 has a bag of Pringles and a guy#2 asks for the bag of Pringles. So guy #1 being super nice gave the bag to him. Now someone- guy #3 comes up and asks guy #2 for the pringles that he was just given. And guy #2 says no way!!! But guy #1 says those pringles weren’t yours in the first place so what right do you have not sharing when I first shared with you ?

Guy #1 : Jesus
Guy #2: us
Guy #3 : others
Pringles: forgiveness w/ love

Jesus loved and forgave you first. Even when it’s hard to not hold on to this anger we need to give our forgiveness to others because God first forgave us. And with LOVE ! ISNT THAT GOOD NEWS !!! WOOO WHOOO❤️

I pray over everyone and I pray over this world. I pray that we remember that because God loved us first we are called to love. We are broken, but he grouped and collected my broken pieces to make them whole once again. GOD IS SO GOOD. HE IS SO SO SO GOOD. #allglorytogod #LOVEGODANDLOVEPEOPLE

Forgive- BUT in the spirit of LOVE!
Love God and LOVE people.

Alexi Markou
Truth with Spirit