Dear visitors,
As a minor-league pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, I spent most of my career tuning out the crowd so I could attack each batter with a laser-like focus.
But after watching a documentary about a mother’s and father’s effort to spread the word about their missing daughter, my view from the mound changed. I realized the stadium wasn’t just filled with sports fans–these were the teachers, coaches, families, classmates and friends of missing children that would readily join in the search if they could. That moment inspired me to start The BairFind Foundation.
Since that day, we’ve partnered with Minor League Baseball to place photos of hundreds of our nation’s missing kids in front of literally tens of millions of Americans in stadiums and arenas across the country at no cost to the families. Every glance at one of these photos is another opportunity for a child to be reunited with his or her family. Our success is measured by the countless stories of children that we’ve featured who have been safely located, and we’ve only just begun.

Sincerely,Dennis Bair